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For more than a decade, Sean Davis (Founder and President of The Davis Media Company) has spearheaded the growth and development of effective member-engaging media solutions for professional associations across North America. Sean’s accumulation of knowledge and expertise led him to create The Davis Media Company. Many association professionals recognize Sean as an innovative leader within the publishing and communications industry.

The Davis Media Company partners with your association to create striking and informative print and digital media in the form of magazines, directories, newsletters, content portals and mobile applications for your membership and industry. These products are a surefire way to provide your stakeholders with current mainstream education and training, while keeping them informed on timely industry news and trends centered around the fundamental goal that your association is working to achieve.

Sean’s successful track record across various mediums in the industry is indicative of the skill set required for accomplishing the tasks at hand. He has inspired many newcomers to thrive in the world of association publishing (salespeople, editors, designers and administration personnel), cementing his ethos that every product should be more exceptional than the last. His teams have acquired useful knowledge through his training in everything from media project management, editorial content creation, advertising sales, and design and layout to full-service print and digital distribution.

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