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The Davis Media Company produces high quality association branded video content. Video content has emerged as an absolute necessity to market, influence and inspire your membership and industry today.

The video development process is part of any proposal of media services we provide. Delivering consistent and powerful video messaging to your members in a high-quality HD format will advance your association and its communications initiatives to the next level.

Our Video Offerings

By engaging with your members over video format, you can drastically increase engagement from your audience. Video is the most powerful form of media and an essential way to communicate with the members of your association.

The Davis Media Company produces high-quality HD and 4K videos for our association
partners that ultimately increase member engagement, advertising support, association royalties and of course membership growth.

By distributing these videos through platforms like social media, your association will become the definitive and undisputed authority for your industry.


Pre-production is the planning stage where we collaborate with you and your association to come up with the content, style and delivery method for your video. Delivery styles can range from short, informative Buzzfeed-style videos to high quality regular newscasts. We’ll write all your scripts, provide equipment and hire any actors who may be needed for filming.


Production is the moment that the camera starts rolling. We have experience in short film production. The Davis Media Company will direct, shoot and produce your videos as required. We work with cutting-edge equipment to ensure quality and a high resolution finished product. Actors, props and film crews are all provided by The Davis Media Company in order to create beautiful films.


The plan is in place, the filming has finished. The final step is post-production which includes final edits to the video as well as mixing/mastering audio tracks. This is the step that truly changes an ordinary video into a masterpiece. Great care is taken to create top quality visual effects that represent your association in highly engaging ways. Once post-production is complete, the only thing left is to enjoy the final product.

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