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The Davis Media Company provides a social media strategy for all digital communications products ensuring each of our partners are building and strenghthening their social network by increasing the number of likes, fans, followers and subscribers you currently have.

Distribution of association branded content through the proper social media channels (that your member audience is most engaged with) is designed to keep your association’s value and importance top-of-mind.

Our Social Media Strategy

Being a part of younger generations, we’ve watched social media evolve over the past 10 years and we’ve developed a strong expertise in managing effective strategies that build brands. Through a comprehensive posting strategy, you can engage with your members in ways that were never before possible.

By integrating content as well as creating two-way communications between your association and users on social media, your association will create lasting impressions with current and new potential members. This will create an industry-dominating force that brings your message to their eyes and ears first.

Posting Strategy

Creating a strong strategy behind your social media posts is paramount to your success with the medium. The average Facebook user has 338 friends, which means that at any given time there are hundreds of people fighting for attention.

Our strategy makes your association stand out from the background noise and keeps engagement sustained over long periods of time.

Social Engagement

At its very core, social media is meant to promote two-way conversations between friends. We take that one step further and create conversations between organizations and their members. This drastically strengthens both your brand and reputation and makes these users far more likely to recommend you over other professional organizations.

By interacting with users over social media rather than simply presenting information, you’ll be taking a strong step towards cementing your branding in their minds for years to come.

Brand Awareness

The biggest KPI (Key Performance Indicator) of any social media campaign is the brand awareness that it brings you. Though the mediums have changed over the years, the goals have not. Ten years ago, it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to create meaningful brand recognition through outbound advertising campaigns. While that’s still highly effective, our association partners utilize social media in powerful ways that build brand recognition as no advertising campaign can.

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