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As the backbone of your communications, content strategy is key in creating publications that your members look forward to for the value that they offer. We’ve worked with associations across a multitude of industries to help provide their members with relevant content that impacts their professions.

Our Content Strategy Process

The success of any media partnership begins with a thorough understanding of pertinent and relevant news, updates, events and profiles that are of interest to your association’s varying levels of membership. We assign you to a qualified editorial content strategist who identifies the content strategy to ensure the mandate of your association’s vision and voice is executed in the channels of communication selected.

Timelines and deadlines are established to ensure editorial content is reaching the right distribution channels in order to keep your association’s voice top-of-mind to key stakeholders within your membership, increasing substance and value. We source key industry professionals to assist in editorial content creation to ensure the association’s branded content distributed through your print, digital and video media is fresh, relevant and informative. Our content strategists and editors ensure the professional quality of every piece of content, including association-submitted materials, by copy editing all articles prior to publication.

Editorial Planning

The first step in production is planning the editorial content that will reach the members of your association. Soon after you decide to work with The Davis Media Company, we will assign you a managing editor who knows your industry and shares our passion for engaging content delivery. An editorial committee will also be set up to help advise the managing editor on the most pertinent issues in your industry to ensure that your members are only seeing the best and most relevant content.

Production Scheduling

Our experience in the publishing industry has allowed us to get production scheduling down to a science. Unlike other media partners who may not adhere to strict dates, we understand your time is important and you can’t be worried that your publishing partner won’t make deadlines. We set our deadlines and are 100 percent committed to achieving high levels of success in the time allotted.

Freelancer Support

Because of our long history in this business, we’ve developed a large network of freelance writers who are proficient in communicating high-level content in just about any industry you can think of. The Davis Media Company will commission freelance writers for editorial support in your publications at no charge to your association. Your managing editor will thoroughly manage the quality of all submitted articles to ensure that your publication goes to print with the world’s best content and subject matter.

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