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The Davis Media Company advises associations (who are currently under contract with a media services provider) on strategies to receive the best level of media products and service, editorial and design support, product quality, a fair level of non-dues revenue generation and timely distribution according to the agreed-upon timelines. We have sat in the publisher’s chair for more than a decade. We believe that any deal we will advise and/or negotiate for you is one that – as a media services provider for print, digital and video – we would be prepared to enter into ourselves.

Our Consulting Service

In the event of continued challenges arising from the performance of any media product produced by a third-party media services provider, The Davis Media Company is prepared to step in on behalf of the association to do a full analysis of the challenges and provide suitable and workable solutions to remediate and rectify any and all situations. We then serve as your ongoing media management partner overseeing your publishing agreement to ensure all areas are being adhered to, resulting in high-quality products delivered on-time to your audience with the appropriate level of non-dues revenue generated for your association – An area of utmost importance for media services providers and associations.

Typically, challenges in this area arise from an inaccurate assessment of fair market value for the advertising being offered and/or a team that does not understand the value of your media products and how to educate such offerings to an appropriate and qualified list of advertising prospects. Revenue generation is first and foremost our forte at The Davis Media Company. We will analyze your past three years’ revenue history, review sales growth/loss patterns, identify new revenue streams, provide lead generation and new markets, and assist in product education on behalf of your association for your third-party media services provider’s sales team.

Editorial Assistance

The Davis Media Company has extensive experience in helping associations to create editorial plans for their publications that deliver important content to members. By establishing an editorial board that regularly reviews content, we create powerful voices within industries. We help to establish brands as the credible source of expertise and we assist associations in being the dominating voices of their industries.

Contract Negotiations

As your media management consultant, we will assist you in all areas and serve in the final contract negotiations with any media services provider, ensuring you receive the best of services, editorial support, design and layout, overall product quality and non-dues revenue. This expertise in establishing fair agreements for both parties has been developed over several years negotiating agreements on behalf of the publisher. We can review and analyze incoming proposals and crunch numbers to help you better understand the long-term benefits for both parties.

Request for Proposal

Many association professionals are unaware of what their Request for Proposal (RFP) should include when looking to outsource their print and digital media products to a qualified media services provider. We provide an in-depth analysis of your current media offerings, identify all considerations for inclusion and assist you with drafting this formalized document for distribution to carefully selected media services providers of your choice.

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